The Developer


Liberty Development strikes again with yet another sold out tower within lessthan a month. By popular demand, plans for a fourth tower is underway in the centre of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Hopes of building Vaughan into a thriving urban community has been in effect since as early as the 1980’s and with Liberty Development’s vision, the light of Vaughan is shining brighter and brighter. One tower at a time…

The vision for Vaughan Metropolitan Centre was to recreate a miniature Toronto without the flaws Toronto entails. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre will be vibrant, rich & diverse, spacious, environmentally friendly with bountiful green space, technologically advanced, student friendly with the new subway extension directly to Toronto as well as York University as well as a new regional transportation hub.

With all these amenities at hand, including the numerous jobs the growth of the community itself will create, Vaughan is an opportunity you cannot afford to pass along!